#194: TSHE Classic - Cracker Talk… Yes, Really

#194: TSHE Classic - Cracker Talk… Yes, Really

Please enjoy this TSHE Instant Classic from October 2020 while we recover from an array of work and nonsense this week. Also: If you happen to be attending the TBTL 4000th Episode, let us know!

Is anybody feeling hungry? If you aren’t now, we guarantee you will be once you’ve listened to this show. Meredith, Ann, Bobby, and Hillary are slicing up some cheese, grabbing a jar of fig jam, and talking about crackers. From the platonic ideal of a Triscuit, to a “meat essence” salt bomb, to staples of our childhood, to what we serve when we’re being fancy, we’ve got thoughts about crackers. There’s a live taste test, disposable mini-plates, the Saltine Cracker Challenge, and some delicious little cannibal bites. Plus, Bobby introduces another new segment, both Meredith and Ann have shocking diet soda-related confessions, and we find out which movie Hillary’s ashamed she hasn’t seen.

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